Every year, false eyelashes gain popularity, and this trend is not expected to stop. Eyelash extensions make getting ready much quicker, boost our confidence, and make us feel prepared for the day.

But before you book your first appointment eyelash extensions in Singapore, here are some essential tips you should know about to get the best possible outcome!

Before the procedure, make sure the area around your eyes is clean.

You must take off all eye makeup before your treatment. Before beginning the procedure, your mobile beauty therapist will also properly clean your eyelashes; however, doing so beforehand can save you time. This will also enable the adhesive to adhere to your skin more effectively and for a more extended period.

Keep your eyes closed during the procedure.

You must keep your eyes closed at all times during the entire procedure for the adhesive to cure correctly. In order to effectively apply the individual eyelash extensions to your lash line, your Salonette wants you to close your eyes.

Keep water out of your eyes.

Avoid getting your eyelash extensions wet for at least 24 hours after applying them. Of course, it’s easier said than done. However, having a lot of water in your eyes at any time can cause a slight irritation for people who have never used lash extensions.

If your daily activity includes a lot of swimming, we would generally suggest against obtaining false lashes. However, when your lash extensions have thoroughly dried, you can get them wet again.

Utilize makeup remover without oils.

If you decide to use cosmetic products over your eyelash extensions, ensure to only apply them to the tips of your natural lashes. Otherwise, removing the makeup without destroying some of your natural lashes will be difficult.

When removing any eye makeup, be sure to use an oil-free makeup remover for maximum lash protection. Products with an oil basis will weaken the adhesive holding the eyelashes in place.

The best advice is to remove eye makeup with a Q-tip (with oil-free remover, of course.)

Avoid rubbing your eyes!

We’re all prone to those delightful eye rubs. Even more so if you use extensions, though frequent eye rubbing might cause your natural eyelashes to fall out.

Keep in mind that you must resist if you want to keep your lovely lashes.

Keep your eyelashes intact.

After around 4 weeks, eyelash extensions will naturally fall out on their own. Despite how much you might want to pluck out the final few, you must never remove eyelash extensions. We advise either letting them fall out naturally or getting them removed by a professional.

Your natural lashes may become damaged if you remove your eyelash extensions. On top of that, the eye region is one of the most delicate; therefore, it’s important that nothing should go wrong there.

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