therapeutic laser

1. To speed up the healing process after an injury

Have you just been injured following an accident or during a sporting effort? In any case, the therapeutic laser can be of great help to you. Capable of stimulating the immune and nervous systems , laser therapy can speed up the healing process after an injury.

Concretely, the therapeutic use of the laser in the event of an injury will allow better repair of soft tissues and bones , faster development of healthy cells and a reduction in inflammation . In addition, the therapeutic laser helps the consolidation of fractures .

Effective in response to all kinds of injuries, the therapeutic laser is particularly used in cases of sciatic pain, neck pain, back pain, tearing of muscles, tendons and ligaments, sprains, tendinitis or even dislocation. Therapeutic laser is also strongly indicated for tissue repair and healing after surgery. Whatever the injury you suffer from, remember that laser therapy often gives impressive results, especially when you don’t wait and you quickly request therapeutic laser treatment.

2. To relieve acute or chronic pain

After years of study, it is now proven that the therapeutic laser can relieve most musculoskeletal pain , acute or chronic. In the case of acute pain, as it is often due to injuries, repetitive movements or false movements, it is good to act quickly to accelerate the effectiveness of the results. On the other hand, in the case of chronic pain, the therapeutic use of the laser is interesting at all times, as an alternative or as a complement to biomechanical or medicinal treatment.

Laser therapy will reduce persistent inflammation and reduce pain . It will stimulate the production of endorphins and cortisol to bring you real relief. This therapeutic use of the laser is particularly recommended in the event of repeated headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, back pain and, more generally, when you have been suffering from regular pain for several months.

3. To regain greater mobility

Certain diseases and injuries cause a decrease in joint flexibility , which induces a loss of mobility. However, this situation is not inevitable and can be improved with therapeutic laser.

At Clinique Francoeur, we are particularly qualified to treat patients who suffer from osteoarthritis or arthritis , in order to allow them to regain some musculoskeletal mobility. Also, we work regularly with injured people, who want to recover mobility after being immobilized for a certain time for their rehabilitation. In all these situations, laser therapy often gives very good results.

4. To improve recovery after sports effort

Often used following a sports injury, the therapeutic laser is also ideal for promoting sports recovery . In fact, many athletes have now integrated it into their sports routine as a real tissue health maintenance strategy .

By stimulating cell regeneration, laser therapy will have the effect of accelerating tissue repair after a sporting effort or an intense training session. Thus, the recovery time being reduced, this could allow the athlete to train more frequently without putting himself in danger of increasing the risk of injury. It’s a great way to optimize sports training and that’s why this therapeutic use of laser is very popular with professional athletes , especially in the fields of hockey, soccer, football and baseball.

5. To tone and revitalize the face

In parallel with its purely therapeutic use, the laser also has another very interesting utility, it is its effectiveness at the level of various aesthetic applications. The laser stimulates skin cells for an energizing, toning and regenerative effect . Note that it has been shown in numerous studies that the therapeutic laser stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which have a major impact on the tone of the face. In addition, the complexion becomes luminous and naturally revived .

In our therapeutic laser clinic, we offer three treatments using aesthetic laser. The first uses laser and hyaluronic acid together to deeply hydrate the skin and restore elasticity and firmness. This treatment is called “The RADIANT”

The second combines laser with traditional facial acupuncture to tone facial muscles, reduce wrinkles and provide a feeling of relaxation. We have named this treatment “L’ÉCLATANTE”

Finally, the third treatment, being the synthesis of the first two, combines laser, hyaluronic acid and traditional facial acupuncture. This treatment is called “La RESPLENDISSANTE”.

Completely painless and natural, these three aesthetic laser treatments are highly effective. The effect is cumulative and increases as the sessions progress for a lasting result.

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