Ortho-K Lenses

Orthokeratology, sometimes known as Ortho-K, is a non-invasive, quick method for enhancing eyesight.

With precisely designed, gas-permeable contact lenses, the cornea is softly reformed as the patient sleeps. Ortho-K lenses are worn overnight and removed the following morning, resulting in clear vision without needing glasses or contacts throughout the day.

In order to optimise the advantages of Ortho-K therapy and minimise issues such as eye irritation or infection, here are some helpful guidelines to follow when caring for your lenses.

1. Cleaning

After receiving your Ortho-K contact lenses, you must clean them thoroughly after each usage. Typically, your optometry team will supply you with a cleaning kit containing:

  • A specific cleaning solution for soaking and rinsing;
  • A tidy storage container;
  • Eye drops to re-moisten the lenses while they are in the eye.

Before touching your lenses, carefully wash and dry your hands. The use of oil or lotion-based soaps, as well as a lint-free towel, may leave undesired residue on your lenses.

At least one minute should be spent massaging 2-3 drops of the cleaning solution into both sides of the lens. Typically, the round “edges” of each lens are the most difficult to clean.

Your optometrist may also prescribe a biannual polish to remove protein deposits and thoroughly clean your lenses. Check with your optometrist’s office; many provide this service for free.

2. Rinsing

When your lenses have been completely cleaned and sterilised, thoroughly rinse them with the rinsing solution prior to wearing or storing them. This rinse solution is typically a sterile saline solution available at any pharmacy.

While the cleaning solution can hurt and irritate the eye, you must thoroughly rinse it. If this occurs, flush the eye with warm water or an eyewash. Before placing your contact lenses, you may need to wait until the pain lessens.

3. Storage

Now, Ortho-K lenses are being cleaned, sanitised, and rinsed. Fill the case with a soaking solution and gently insert clean lenses for optimum storage.

You must always guarantee that your storage box or container is clean and sanitary. You should allow your case to air dry after every use. Take extra precautions to ensure that it is not exposed to allergens, fragrances, home cleaning agents, etc., especially if it is stored in your bathroom.

If your case becomes soiled, refrain from washing it with tap water. In certain instances, cleaning your contact lenses with water might cause an eye infection. Instead, rinse the case with saline solution and allow it to air-dry.

Since microbes thrive in damp environments and are unseen, For best hygiene, it is advised that you replace your case every two to three months.

4. Insertion and Removal

As your optometry team will explain, the optimal time to wear your Ortho-K lenses is while you are asleep with your eyes closed. Since the lenses apply modest pressure to the eye to temporarily reshape the cornea, wearing them for lengthy durations while awake may result in pain and/or eye abrasions.

Follow the above actions upon awakening to properly clean, store, and re-wear your contact lenses that evening.

5. Further Visits

Your Ortho-K lenses will be fully maintained and may last up to two years if treated properly. But, your optometry team will regularly monitor your eye’s improvement by proposing follow-up appointments or eye exams every six to twelve months to inspect your Ortho-K lenses and ensure that your eye health stays optimal.

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